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Stability Improvements with Storage Sync v12.19


Product:  Storage Sync v12.19 Release Date: Dec 1, 2023 

Sending Alert and Notification for Unsynced Folders and Files on Storage Sync Device (Unsynced Namespace)

When new files and folders that are created on the Storage Sync device and corresponding folders are not selected in the folder synchronization settings then they never get synced to the cloud because they are not pinned in the settings. 

With this release onwards IT admin will get both UI alerts and email notifications whenever the device detects unsynced files/folders created on the device but corresponding folders are not pinned.

Below is the screenshot of the sample alert that gets displayed whenever the device detects unsynced folders/filesScreenshot at Nov 18 02-24-29.png

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed an issue related to Storage Sync recreating a folder whenever a folder move or rename happens with similar names in the cloud.
  • Fixed an issue related to conflict file copy getting created whenever file delete and rename happens in a particular order.
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade notification in the Storage Sync UI was redirected to a support page that no longer existed.


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