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Will Migration App Upload Canonically Equivalent Files to Egnyte?



Any user of the Migration App.


Will Migration App upload canonically equivalent files to Egnyte?


No, the Migration App does not upload canonically equivalent files.


Egnyte Cloud is case preserving. This means that when a user creates a file by the name /Shared/Test/AbC on Egnyte, the file name will be preserved. Hence the user will be able to see the same exact file name “AbC” under /Shared/Test.

However, Egnyte is not case sensitive. This means when a user tries to upload a file /Shared/Test/ABC when Egnyte already contains a file /Shared/Test/AbC, the new file “ABC” will be upload as another version of the existing file “AbC”/Shared/Test/ABC and /Shared/Test/AbC are called canonical equivalents. 

Because of this, we have designed Migration App to abort any migration job where there it identifies canonical inconsistencies between files or folders on the source and destination. In such a case, you will see the following error message:

"This migration job cannot proceed because canonical changes have been made between the source and the destination. A migration would result in Egnyte creating duplicate data on the destination. Please rename the folder on the destination to match the folder on the source."


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