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Log Management in Migration App



This is intended for users who are new to Migration App.


When users have long-running migration jobs, the logs stored on the local host and Egnyte domain can become cumbersome. When a single job has run multiple commands, the local host machine can actually run out of storage, which will result in subsequent jobs erroring out. To remedy this, the user would have to navigate to the logs on their local host to delete older logs, which was a tedious process. This new feature automates the process

Using Log Management

If you have a job that has run multiple commands, logs can be automatically purged of the older CSV files. This is controlled through Advanced Options.

  1. From the migration details page, go to the left column and navigate to Advanced Options > Log Management.


  2. After clicking On to Enable Log Management, make your selection from the dropdown to retain up to 10 sets of logs. You must then click Save to save the configuration.


  3. The settings for Log Management also appear on the Migration Details page on the right column along with other job configuration details.


  4. Once enabled, when the next command runs, the job will include a purge of unnecessary logs on the host machine.

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