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Desktop App for Windows Installation


The Egnyte Desktop App is available to all customers for Windows and Mac. Only Admin and Power users can download and use the Egnyte Desktop App.

Follow the instructions below to install Desktop App for Windows

  1. Download and open the .msi file (System Requirements)
  2. Click Next.


  3. Select where the drive should be installed. You can leave the default destination and click Next or select Change to select a different location before continuing.


  4. Select where the application should store cached data. You can leave the default destination and click Next or select Change to select a different location before continuing.
    Note: the path must be accessible for all the users on a given machine. If the chosen path is available only for one user, Desktop App will execute an automatic fallback to the default location.

  5. Click Install to start the installation.


    Note: Click Yes on the User Account Control screen if it appears to provide permissions for the installation to continue.
  6. Click Finish to complete the installation and launch the Desktop App.


  7. Enter your email or username and click Continue.

  8. Enter your Egnyte domain and click Continue.

    Note: If your company utilizes SSO (Single-Sign On), you may be redirected to their landing page to verify your account.

  9. Enter your password and click Continue.

  10. Your drive is now mounted and ready to use in Windows Explorer. 

  11. If a reboot is required, please ensure that it is completed.  If this step is skipped, it may lead to suboptimal performance or incorrect functioning of the desktop application.

Uninstall Desktop Sync

If you're making the transition from Desktop Sync to Desktop App, you'll need to uninstall Desktop Sync if you haven't already done so. Use the article below to help you with this process. 

Transition from Desktop Sync to the Desktop App


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