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Profile and Insights


Profile & Insights will help you understand precisely how your files are being accessed and shared inside and outside of your organization. You'll also be able to see things like your login history and the size of your private folder.

The Profile & Insights section is available in the My Profile tab of Settings. From here, you'll see four tabs: Recent Activity, Private Folder, Links & Collaboration, and Devices & Apps. 

Note: Admins can view the analytics offered in the Profile & Insights dashboard for any user in the Users & Groups tab of the account.




Recent Activity

The Recent Activity tab shows your activity over the past 30 days, including a count of the files you have uploaded and downloaded during that time, your 5 most recent uploads and logins, and the 5 users who have accessed your files the most.


Private Folder

The Private Folder view shows the size of your private folder and any changes in storage space over the last 30 days. You can also click the private folder link to go directly to it.

Note: If your Administrator has disabled private folders, this tab will not appear.


Links & Collaboration

Links & Collaboration captures any share links (does not show upload links) you've created over the past 30 days, as well as your 5 most recent links. We’ve included a pie chart that breaks down the status (e.g., active or inactive) of any links you’ve created over the last 30 days. You’ll also see your 5 most popular links (by the number of link views) captured here. 

Note: If your Administrator has disabled share links, this tab will not appear.


Devices & Apps

The Devices & Apps tab lets you see how your Egnyte usage compares across different access points. Upload and download activity are shown for any device or application you've used in the past 30 days. You can also see how many different devices have been used to connect to your account. If you click the devices link, you'll be taken to My Devices to see more information about the devices used.



Manage Active Web UI Sessions

Users now have the ability to list all of their active WebUI sessions by going to ‘My Profile’ tab. The display lists all active WebUI sessions along with the IP address and Browser/OS details as reported by the browser’s user agent. Users can choose to remove any sessions except their current session by clicking on the ‘Remove Session’ button.



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