Egnyte emails a user deprovisioning report to account administrators every time a Power User in their account is deleted. This report is a great starting point to identify any account cleanup needed. It includes details on any active shared links and Standard Users that were created by the deleted user.


The Admin will have the option to delete all of the links and Standard Users created permanently using the buttons in the email. The button(s) are operable for a week, but an Admin can always manually run the Link Summary Report or use the Public AP to delete the links at a later date. They can also manually delete the Standard Users at any time by going to the Users & Groups page.

Note: Clicking these buttons will not immediately delete the links or Standard Users.

Delete These Links

If you click Delete These Links, you will be taken directly to the Link Summary Report in Egnyte’s Web UI. Egnyte will automatically open a dialog to confirm this action. Click Yes to delete the links created by the user.

Delete These Users

Similarly, selecting Delete These Users will take you directly into the Users & Groups page of the Web UI. We'll automatically open a dialog to confirm the action. Click Confirm to delete any Standard Users the deprovisioned user had created.