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DFS Integration for Storage Sync


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This document provides detailed steps to set up DFS Namespace to work with Egnyte Storage Sync Device and assumes that Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) has been enabled on one or multiple Windows Server(s). The following procedure can be used to truncate the UNC path of a file share from the Storage Sync appliance to ensure embedded file links are not broken when bringing Egnyte Storage Sync Appliance into production. For the following example, we will be truncating \\STORAGESYNC\ELC\Shared\Testing\Downloads to become \\DOMAIN\TESTING\Downloads

Configure DFS Namespace 

  1. Ensure that you can mount/map the Storage Sync appliance from the Windows Server that’s presenting the Namespace.
  2. Launch DFS Management.
  3. Right-click on Namespaces and select New Namespace.

  4. Input the server that will be presenting your DFS Namespace and click Next.

  5. Type in the name for the Namespace and click Next.

  6. Select either Domain-based namespace or Stand-alone namespace and click Next.

  7. Click Create.

  8. After namespace creation click Close.


Configure DFS Folder Link

  1. Right-click on the new Namespace and click New Folder.

  2. Type in the folder name and click Add.

  3. Type in UNC path of the Storage Sync appliance and click OK.


You should be able to mount \\DOMAIN\TESTING\Downloads which equates to \\STORAGESYNC\ELC\Shared\Testing\Downloads

You can repeat steps from Configure DFS Folder Link for all folders that’s under the \\STORAGESYNC\ELC\Shared\Testing

You can repeat steps from Configure DFS Namespace for additional Top Level folders. 

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