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Multi-Domain Co-Editing for Desktop



Egnyte is launching the capability to setup up Multi-Domain Co-Editing on Desktop. Previously only one domain could be setup on the Microsoft Office Applications at a time. Now you are able to add multiple domains at time of setup. Once that is setup you can open from any of the domains that you have added from either the Egnyte Desktop App or the WebUI in co-editing mode and the file will automatically save back to that same domain.


Admins will need to fill out the provided form by entering your Egnyte domains to enable this feature.

Once whitelisted, your users will need to re-authenticate to those domains through your Microsoft Application. Sign out and sign back in to Egnyte.


After adding the first domain there will be confirmation that you are successful then you can continue adding other domains.


If you need re-setup this integration and add more domains in the future you will have to sign out of Egnyte from the Microsoft apps.

Launching Co-Editing Sessions from Different Domains

Now that the Microsoft Application has all your domains linked in the configuration you are now available to launch from those domains from either the WebUI or Desktop App to initiate a "Co-edit in Desktop" session.

The Primary Domain in Microsoft

The first domain that you sign in to will be your primary domain. That means these actions in Microsoft are only available for the primary domain. To re-setup the primary domain log out from Egnyte on the Microsoft app and sign in first with the domain that you would like to be the primary domain. The primary domain can do the following:

Traverse the Domain in Microsoft Apps and Open 


Access the Recent  


Save new files to in the Cloud


Desktop Applications

In order to launch a Co-editing from the Desktop App, you will have to have this version or newer of the Desktop Application.  Click here install the latest version for Windows and Mac.


  • Only one device can be logged into multi-domain at a time (If you have multiple devices setup for co-editing signing into one will invalidate the token of the other device)
  • Desktop App for Mac is not supported


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