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How Do I Bookmark a Folder?

To bookmark a folder for faster access, navigate to the folder and tap the Star icon in the right corner of the page. This folder is now accessible from the Bookmarks tab in the bottom bar of the app.

Repeat the same steps to remove the bookmark. 



How Do I Send Links from the App?

Tap the 3 vertical dots next to the file. A menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Select the Share option. Choose the required security parameters on the next page and tap Continue. The link is automatically copied to your clipboard so you can paste the link anywhere to share. 


You can also send Direct Links through the app. Direct links are great for when you need to send a file or folder link to someone with an Egnyte profile on your domain. When the recipient accesses the direct link, they will immediately be taken to that folder or file in the Web UI or mobile app.  To get a Direct Link, you'll still tap on the 3 vertical dots next to the item, but you'll need to select File Details or Folder Details from the menu to access it.

Does the App Sync Files to My Mobile Device?

The app does not sync files to your mobile device (we don’t want to eat up your data with file synchronization). However, it's possible to download individual files or folders to your mobile device for offline access.

How Do I Access Files or Folders When I’m Offline?

First, you need to make the file or folder locally available. Tap the 3 vertical dots next to the item. An action menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Select the Mark Offline option. The item is now available even without an internet connection! To see all folders and files marked for offline access, tap the Offline tab on the bottom bar of the app.


How Do I Edit and Save Files Back to Egnyte?

Egnyte partners with many third-party apps which allow you to open and edit a file from Egnyte.

You can also edit and save files back to Egnyte directly from Microsoft Office apps; Click here to find out how.

I Got an Attachment in an Email. Can I Upload this to Egnyte?

Yes! Open the email and then the attachment. Tap the upload icon in the top right corner of the screen and find the Copy to Egnyte option. You'll be redirected to the app so you can select a location to save the attachment to.


The App Keeps Logging Me Out. How Do I Fix This?

You'll need to change the Remember Me setting. Tap the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines) from the bottom bar of the app and select Settings. Then tap Remember Me to enable it.


Note: Your account administrator might have configured a session timeout duration for all users. In this case, you won’t be able to change session timeout.

To make logging in faster and more secure, enable Touch ID in Settings under the Passcode Lock section of the app. Make sure Touch ID is enabled on your device, first.

What is the Difference Between Deleting a File in Files Tab Vs. Removing a File in the Offline Tab?

Deleting the local version will only remove the file from your device; the file will still exist in the cloud.

What If I Have Multiple Domains?

The Egnyte app now supports the ability to easily switch from one Egnyte domain to another without having to log in each time! To add a new domain, tap the Menu icon and select Manage Accounts. Then, tap Add account and enter in your login credentials. 


Once the domain has been added, you can switch between domains by tapping the Menu icon and selecting Switch account. Then, simply tap the domain you want to access and you're ready to work.


Can I Take a Selfie to Use for My Profile Picture?

Yes! Just tap the Menu icon and then tap the pencil next to your current profile picture. From here, you can take a new selfie or upload one you already have. 


How Do I Log Out of the App?

Tap the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines) from the bottom bar of the app and select Manage Accounts. Tap the 3 vertical dots next to the profile you'd like to log out of and select Log out from this account.



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