Follow the steps below to install the Desktop App on a Mac.

  1. Download and open the .pkg file.

    If the window below appears, select Save File.


  2. When prompted, enter your computer password to install the application and click Install Software.
  3. When the installation window appears, click Continue


  4. Once you've read the Software License Agreement, click Continue. You will also need to click Agree on the pop up to confirm.


  5. Click Continue after selecting the disk where you want to install the software.


  6. Click Install to leave the default destination or click Change Install Location to select a different location.


    You may need to re-enter your computer's password to allow the installation.

  7. Once the installation was successful message appears, click Close.


  8. Click Set up now to open the Desktop App.


  9. The next screen will allow you to configure a new drive. Enter your account credentials and click Add drive.

    If your company utilizes SSO, you may be redirected to their landing page after you enter the Egnyte domain to complete the login process.

  10. Your drive is now mounted and ready to access in Finder.

    If you are installing on macOS High Sierra or Mojave, ensure you approve Egnyte's kernel extension so you can use the app.

Uninstall Desktop Sync

If you're making the transition from Desktop Sync to Desktop App, you'll need to uninstall Desktop Sync if you haven't already done so. Use the articles below to help you with this process.

User Uninstallation

Mass (Admin) Uninstall for Mac