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Secure & Govern (19.7) - Support for Azure Files


Release Date: October 9, 2023 Secure & Govern 19.7 Release

New Features and Enhancements

Support for Azure Files Source Type

Azure Files is now supported as a content source in Secure & Govern

Sensitive Content Remediation for Individual Files

Previously, the ability to move or delete data that has sensitive content was only available at the location level. Now, you can take those actions for individual files.


Built-in Classification Policy for the UK Building Safety Act

New content classification policy that will identify files that are subject to the UK Building Safety Act


Unusual Access - File Export Report Improvements

User information, location information as well as file action information has been added to the Secure and Govern Unusual Access export report. The expanded report will help customers quickly analyze the potential malicious behavior and take remediation action. The following information has been added to the report.

  • IP Address
  • Host/Device Name
  • Location (based on IP address)
  • Entry Point (Web UI, Desktop App, etc...)
  • Operating System Application (excel.exe, chrome.exe, adobe.exe, etc…)
  • File Action (download, access/download, delete)
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