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Change User Type


As your employee's roles change within the company, so will their roles within Egnyte. A Power User may have been promoted to the head of their department, a freelancer that worked with your company may have been hired on full-time, or a former IT Admin may be taking on a different position within the company. Each of these examples would likely prompt a user type change in Egnyte to conform to their new duties.

User types can easily be changed in just a few steps as you'll see below. 

Change User Type

  1. Navigate to Settings and select the Users & Groups tab.

  2. Locate the user and click the Details button.
    WebUI - Details.png

  3. Navigate to the Profile tab and click the Change user type link.

    WebUI - change user type from profile.png

  4. Pick the new user type from the drop-down menu and click Save.


User Type Change Considerations

Administrator to Power User

By default, Power Users do not have access to any folders. After changing an Administrator account to a Power User, apply permissions for the user using one of the following options:

  • Assign the user permissions to the appropriate folders.
  • Add the user to a group that already has those permissions.

Screenshot at Feb 23 03-59-32.png

Screenshot at Feb 23 04-24-43.png

Power User to Standard User

Changing a Power User to a Standard User will delete their Private folder. It is recommended to back up any required data to the Shared folder prior to changing the user's account type. 

Service Accounts

Change Existing User to a Service Account

  1. Locate the user you'd like to change to a service account on the Users & Groups page.
  2. Hover over the account and click Details


  3. Select the Profile tab from the left and click Treat as a service account.


  4. Click Confirm on the confirmation page to finalize the change.



Change Existing Service Account to a User Account

If an Admin need to change a Service Account back to a user account, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the user on the Users & Groups page and hover over their account.
  2. Click Details.

  3. Select the Profile tab from the left and click Don't treat as a service account.

  4. Click Confirm on the confirmation page.




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