Upload Files Using the Cyberduck FTP Client (Mac)


FTP access is limited to Admins and Power Users on the Office, Business, or Enterprise plans. Trial users on these plans are limited to uploading 1GB at a time via FTP.


  1. Install the latest version of Cyberduck here.
  2. Select the FTP-SSL option from the drop down menu at the top of this screen.
  3. In the server field, enter: ftp-<egnytedomain>.egnyte.com.

    Example: ftp-acme.egnyte.com

  4. Enter your user name, $, then your Egnyte domain with no spaces in the User Name field.

    Example: jsmith$acme

  5. Type in your Egnyte password in the Password field. SSO authenticated users will have to set a non-SSO password that is only used for FTP. This can be done from the My Preferences tab under My Profile.
  6. Check the Preserve modification date option for uploads within the   Transfers/Timestamps section of the Preferences menu.
  7. Upload files by dragging from Finder into Cyberduck or from your desktop into the folders visible within Cyberduck's folder browser. You can use the Upload feature found within the Action menu.


Firewall Recommendations

If your firewall has restrictions and blocks certain ports, you may need to allow outbound FTP port (21). Egnyte uses the following ports below for data transfer. 

  • 10000-12000
  • 20000-22000
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Egnyte Community

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