Command Line FTP

FTP access is limited to Admins and Power Users on the Office, Business, or Enterprise plans; trial users on these plans are limited to uploading 1 GB at a time via FTP.


cURL can be easily used to transfer files using FTP protocol and with SSL.

A prototype:

curl -k -T <file> --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -u "<egnyte-user>\mce_markerlt;egnyte-domain>:<egnyte-password>" ftp://ftp-<egnyte-domain>

For example if you have to transfer a local file called testfile.txt and you want to upload to the root of your FTP directory:

curl -k -T testfile.txt --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -u "username\$domain:password"

Creating a directory:

curl -k -Q "MKD /Shared/testdirectory" --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -u "username\$domain:password"

Uploading file to the created directory:

curl -k -T testfile.txt --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -u "username\$domain:password"

You can FTP files into a folder under Shared using a script:

Here is a simple curl :

curl --user <username>@<domain_name>:<password> -T <File Path> ftp://ftp-<domain_name> 

/Shared/mybackup should be valid directory that already exists.

To Download

For Download -
curl -k --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -u "<username>\$<domainName without>:<password>" ftp://<ftp url>/Shared/Documents/<filename>

Please replace "username" with the actual Egnyte username. 

Please replace "domain" with the actual Egnyte domain.

Please replace "password" with the actual Egnyte password.

You can carefully script each basic operation needed. For a simple operation of backing up log files for example, you can run a script once each day thats creates a directory representing that day(date-time) and upload log files to that directory on FTP and over SSL.

You can avoid including the plain text password in the curl command, for example:

curl -k -T testfile.txt --ftp-ssl --ftp-pasv -u "username\$domain"

Will then prompt you for a password before starting transfer. 

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