How to Use Upload Links

Getting Started

We realized that many of our customers needed a way for people outside their Egnyte account to upload content to a specific shared folder, without being able to see the contents of that folder. Construction companies wanted to solicit bids from subcontractors without the subs seeing their competitors’ pricing; university professors needed a way for students to upload problem sets without peeking at each others answers, and so on.  To learn more about upload links, please watch this Egnyte video.

The Upload Links feature addresses this need. If you are a Power or Admin user with Editor, Full, or Owner permissions to a Shared Folder, you’ll be able to create an upload link and Request Files from Others.


By default, upload links are DISABLED for your account. Admins can enable upload links in the "Settings / General / Sharing" section.


Creating an Upload Link

You have two options for dispatching the upload link: you can email the link and specify specific link recipients in the “to:” field, or you can get the link to copy and paste the link into another place (social media, your company's website, etc.)


If you only need to specify a handful of link recipients, go with the first option. Enter the email addresses of the people who need to upload, and click “Send.”


If you need to collect files from many people, or aren't sure who will respond on the link (think: customer suggestion boxes), you can select the “Get Link” option at the bottom of the screen. The link will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste it anywhere.


To help you stay organized, we’ve added an option that will pop each recipient’s files into a unique sub-folder. If 100 people respond to your upload link, you will see 100 sub-folders. You can also set a lifespan after which the upload link will not function. 

You can use both of these upload link options, whether you specify link recipients or not.

Uploading Files

Anybody who clicks an upload link will see one of the two screens below. If you specified specific recipients, the person uploading files will see the screen on the left and the email address field will be grayed-out. If you selected the “Get Link” option, anybody who clicks the link will see the screen on the right.

Either way, the user will be required to enter their name; the company field is optional.


The next screen allows the user to upload files to the shared folder. Users can upload 500 files per session, and each file can be up to 25 GB in size (or plan limit, whichever is smaller) but subject to the browser's inherent upload limits (e.g. IE11 has a 4GB upload limitation).

Once the user clicks “send”, uploaded files will appear in the linked folder. Each file will include a note which contains the following information:

  • The name of the user who uploaded the link (remember, this is a self-reported value and not a system username)

  • That user’s company (if they entered it in the upload screen)

  • The IP address and approximate location where the files were uploaded

  • When the file was uploaded

For Admins

By default, upload links are DISABLED for your account. You can enable upload links in the "Settings / Configuration / General / Sharing" section.

The link summary report includes a list of all the active upload links pointing to folders on your account. You can instantly deactivate any of these links by checking the link and picking the “Delete” option at the top of the screen.


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