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How To Search Your Account's Trash


Inevitably, you will delete something important and will need to dig through the trash to restore it. Our trash filter tool lets you filter with the following fields. 

  • Type: Files and/or folders

  • Item name: File or folder name

  • Original location: Manually enter a folder path or browse to a specific folder or sub-folder which a file or sub-folder has been deleted from (if the folder still exists).
  • Deleted by: User ID or first and last name*

  • Deleted date: Today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, or a custom date range

After opening the trash, click the Find in Trash option. Enter your search criteria and select Apply.


For Power Users

Power Users can typically manage trash for files they have deleted in the Web UI.

For Admins

  • Admins can manage trash for the entire domain
  • If you delete a user and then restore their Private folder from the trash, you will find its contents in a new Shared folder located at “/Shared/Files from deleted users/”
  • To modify the ability for Power Users to manage trash, go to the Configuration tab in Settings, scroll down to the Trash and Retention Policies section, and change the Users can view and restore items they have deleted in trash option.  



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