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Egnyte Administrator Guide

The Egnyte Administrator Guide has been prepared for account administrators and provides a detailed walk-through on how to set up new users, assign folder permissions, various access methods, and the admin tools and additional features available through Egnyte.  

Egnyte Power User Guide

This guide will walk you through Egnyte's primary features for Power Users and provides a solid foundation of knowledge about many of our capabilities. Some of the more advanced features are explored in greater detail elsewhere on our Helpdesk. 

Egnyte Standard User Guide

This guide will walk you through Egnyte's primary features available to Standard Users.

Egnyte Deployment Guide

The deployment guide is designed to help an Administrator easily deploy Egnyte to their users, including email templates to help communicate these exciting changes. Please review this guide and use it as a best practices guide for your Egnyte deployment. 




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