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Secure Collaboration using Egnyte Document Room


Product: WebUI Release Date: October 10, 2023  

Often, your company needs to manage and share extremely sensitive information with partners for critical deals, but traditional file-sharing services don’t provide the necessary security and controls.

Introducing Egnyte Document Room, your place for sharing sensitive content.

What’s New 

  • Document Room Portal
    • The document room portal is an individual homepage allowing users to access all their document rooms from a single location
  • Content Indexing
    • Document Room content is automatically indexed by assigning a unique number when a new folder is created or a new file is uploaded, making it easier to reference and find the folders/documents while collaborating.
  • Watermarking of Downloaded Files
    • When users with viewer permission download a document, it will be automatically converted to a PDF and watermarked with the configured watermark text along with the dynamic IP address of the user who is downloading the document.
  • Document Room-Specific Reports
    • Document room owners and internal stakeholders with administrative privileges can run usage and governance reports for insights into file views, file modifications, user permissions, and all file activities.
  • Document Room Lifecycle Management
    • Document room lifecycle management makes it quick and convenient to remove external access to a document room and initiate already created retention, archival, or deletion policies on a document room after completion.
  • Inviting Multiple Users in the Document Room
    • Document room owners and internal stakeholders with administrative privileges can invite multiple new users to the document room and associate them to the appropriate user groups.

Note: Document Room capabilities are available only through dedicated Document Room Plans - Document Room and Document Room Enterprise.
Contact your account manager or Egnyte Sales team to get started with the new document room plan.

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