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Uploading Documents to eTMF


To upload documents to active filing levels and milestones, navigate to the study Dashboard. All active filing levels and milestones and their associated artifacts are displayed on this screen.  

The Allow upload to inactive milestones setting will allow users to upload documents to inactive milestones.  If this is enabled, it will be possible to upload documents to any milestone at any time.



Upload2.pngThere are three ways to upload documents to required artifacts :

  1. Main upload button: Click Upload, then choose whether to upload from the device or from the Collaborate file system. Select the document, then choose an artifact to which the document(s) should be associated with; or select Unclassified, allowing the document to be assigned an artifact later:


  2. To the specific artifact: Under List of Artifacts, when scrolling through the list to select the artifact to upload document(s)to, the system will display an Upload button next to the artifact name.  Click the button and upload document(s) from the device or file system directly into that artifact. 


  3. From the Collaborate File System:
    • Select one or more documents in a single Collaborate folder
    • Choose the Upload to eTMF action in order to upload the latest version of the selected document(s) to eTMF.
    • Choose the study, filing level, and artifact.
    • Select whether to retain the latest version of the source document in the Collaborate environment or delete it.
          eTMF -1.png
          eTMF - 2.png

Document selections must be made from one Collaborate folder at a time (users cannot upload documents from multiple Collaborate folders to eTMF in one single action).

Track document completeness

As documents are uploaded throughout the study, the document filing completion status is tracked in the Completeness Report section of the Dashboard.

          eTMF -3.png

View source information for TMF documents originating in Collaborate

View the source information for documents added to eTMF from Collaborate with the Source file field on Document Details.

          eTMF -4.png

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