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Improvements to User Interface for Migration App


Migration App UI v1.30.0 / Agent v3.28.0. Release Date 9/13/23

Difference Calculation During True-Ups

True-Ups are “meta commands” composed of multiple steps. Since much of the activity is happening at a compute level, it’s difficult to illustrate this effectively on the user interface. To improve the customer experience, we have made two changes. 

We revised the messaging that is displayed during True-Up to read as follows:

Migration App_Release 9-12-23_3.png

Estimated Time Remaining Available by Request

Previously, the Migration Job Detail Page included an estimated time remaining for completion of a running command. As soon as you started a Migration or True-Up command, the estimate would be displayed above the progress bar on the far-right side of the detail page.

However, this estimate is extremely difficult to calculate due to a variety of factors: fluctuating network speed, file structure complexity and depth, and size and number of files being migrated. As a result, the estimated time displayed would “bounce” erratically from perhaps a few minutes to sometimes hundreds of hours. In the end, the command might finish in just a couple of hours. Meanwhile, customers were understandably confused.

We plan to revisit how this estimate is calculated and displayed in the future, but to reduce confusion in the interim, we decided to remove the estimate from the User Interface by default. If you prefer to have the estimate displayed, it can easily be re-enabled for your domain by a request to Support.

Additional Information And Resources

The current release also contains a few bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality.

The changes will be available to all users by September 13, 2023.

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