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Secure & Govern (19.5) - Support for Folder-Level Content Lifecycle Policies


Release Date: September 11, 2023  Secure & Govern 19.5 Release

Unusual Access - Separate Desktop App File Access/Download Detections

Secure & Govern now supports a separate file access/download detection process for Desktop App. This was done for the following reasons.

  • Help customers distinguish between true download detections versus file access/download detections.
  • Help customers prioritize Unusual Access issue remediation. Desktop App file access/download detections are slightly less reliable than true file download detections from all other applications.

Desktop App file access/download detections will now be controlled with “File access/downloads via Egnyte Desktop app” detection method. All other application file download detections will be controlled with “File downloads” detection method.

Secure and Govern_Release 9-11-23_1.png

Secure & Govern has only created a separate detection process for Desktop App file access/download events. Desktop App file delete detections are still captured with the “File deletes” detection process.

Inactive User Analysis Rule - Severity Calculation

Inactive User severity calculation has been improved to help customers prioritize during issue remediation. The following factors will be used to increase the severity of an Inactive User issue:

  • A User’s role within a content source (standard/external user versus non-admin user)
  • A User’s role within Secure & Govern (admin, non-admin, no Secure & Govern access)
  • Duration of Inactivity
  • Sensitive file access within a content source

Support for Folder-Level Content Lifecycle Policies 

When configuring archival and deletion Content Lifecycle Policies, users will now have the ability to select files-based processing (individual files are moved when they meet the policy criteria) or folder-based processing (all contents of a folder are moved once all files meet the policy criteria).

Secure and Govern_Release 9-11-23_3.png

Move and Archive Options for Subject Access Request Remediation

In addition to the delete option, files identified in a Subject Access Request can now be moved or archived as a remediation option.

Secure and Govern_Release 9-11-23_2.png

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