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Improvements to Empty Folder Creation for Migration App


Migration App UI v1.28.0 / Agent v3.26.0. Release Date 8/28/23

Improved Empty Folder Creation Performance

Over time, we observed that Creating Empty Folders took a lot of time to execute. With this release we have significantly improved the performance of this feature. 

Issues Addressed

Unicode Edge Cases 

With Sanitize-on-the-Fly, we discovered multiple edge cases where Unicode characters weren’t being handled correctly. We resolved all known issues except one known limitation.  This limitation is as follows:

If two files have identical names except the Unicode characters in it and the alphabet cases are different, then the files Unicode will be replaced by '_' in sanitize on source option and since files name would be same after performing sanitize on source, one file will be deleted from source.

Example - on source 2 files with name:

  • X3vKPFq␋avU2ygQT2h5UMpr
  • {{X3vKPFq⇥avU2ygQT2h5UMpr }}

At destination, this results in one file with two version:

  • X3vKPFq_avU2ygQT2h5UMpr

Since both files are being named the same (i.e., replacing with '_' underscore), the second file is overwriting the first file. This is unavoidable but is expected to be extremely rare.

Additional Information And Resources

The current release also contains a few bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality.

The changes will be available to all users by August 28, 2023.

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