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Using Smart Cache in AEC


This article described the high-level use-cases of the AEC industry vertical with emphasis on key pain points that are constantly bothering the users of the industry and how Egnyte is solving them through Hybrid Smart Cache product offerings with benefits highlighted.


  • Virtual Design construction (VDC) teams handle large BIM and Civil 3D files having multiple XRefs

Construction industry vertical users use very large files of BIM formats like AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D and other format files which are larger in file size and have hundreds of cross-reference files (xrefs) which are usually high disk intensive I/O operations and require special handling, which are well supported on Smart Cache.

  • Job site data collection

The Job site trailers which are used in construction locations have the requirement of data collection as field engineers need to work on multiple projects and they don’t have high end servers to collect big amounts of data. Smart Cache plays a crucial role in this use-case to collect these data at Jobs site trailers and purge them once they are successfully uploaded to Egnyte Cloud.

  • Revit single site co-editing for small Architecture and Engineering firms

Architecture and engineering industry vertical users use Revit software for their designing requirements and collaboration is the key for them to accelerate the project work. Smart Cache plays an important role in allowing multiple designers to work on the same Revit design file at the same time provided they are connected from the same office site.

Pain Points

  • Slow speeds in opening/saving CAD files
  • Time and effort in shipping external drives from job sites
  • Inability to co-edit Revit models at a single physical office
  • Unable to collaborate on Civil 3D files


  • Unlimited cloud storage & file sharing for VDC teams while working on large files
  • Operational efficiency and reduced risk of transferring data from job sites
  • Improved collaboration for A, E firms working on Revit and Civil 3D
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