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Using Smart Cache in Media


This article described the high-level use-cases of the Media industry vertical with emphasis on key pain points that are constantly bothering the users of the industry and how Egnyte is solving them through Hybrid Smart Cache product offerings with benefits highlighted.

Use Cases

  • Media designers working in remote locations need to collaborate on media projects

Media designers need to work on very large media files and Smart Cache is suitable for the large file use-cases.

  • Video processing applications need good performance and throughput

Video processing applications demand high performance and throughput requirements which are best supported on Smart Cache.

Pain Points

  • Slow open/save/edits when working on Adobe Suite of media applications
  • Inability to import extremely large video footages from external disks to media projects
  • Content sprawl across different users saving multiple copies
  • Version conflicts when multiple users require to work on overlapping content


  • Enhance workflow efficiency with easy browsing of Egnyte using drive letter access for Adobe Premiere Pro and other media applications
  • Smart Cache minimizes network latency and optimizes LAN bandwidth
  • Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Unreal Engine files with embedded links are instantly updated via Smart Cache, ensuring seamless access to the latest linked content
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