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Using Smart Cache in Life Sciences


This article described the high-level use-cases of the Life Sciences industry vertical with emphasis on key pain points that are constantly bothering the users of the industry and how Egnyte is solving them through Hybrid Smart Cache product offerings with benefits highlighted.

Use Cases

  • CROs and pharma companies must upload substantial raw data files from microscopes and spectrometers to the cloud

The Life Sciences industry devices produce tons of raw data and it needs to be uploaded in the cloud regularly. Smart Cache helps in uploading this data to the cloud without a need for bigger storage space in the collection area.

  • In certain regulated organizations, audit tracking is a requirement

Smart Cache very well satisfies all the audit tracking requirements of Life Sciences industry space.

Pain Points

  • Inability to upload large data files from lab instruments
  • Managing custom scripts for transferring raw data files is cumbersome and needs constant IT oversight


  • Easy file upload from microscope instruments with Smart Cache's UNC path or native drive letter
  • Effortless remote access to cloud-stored raw data files with global file locking
  • Streamlined file management with automated purging of uploaded files on the cloud
  • Save cap-ex with small on-prem footprint
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