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How to Manage When Your Account Is Close To The Maximum Storage


Your Egnyte account comes with a specific amount of total storage allocated based on your plan. If you have received a maximum storage email, your account has exceeded its total storage limit. The total storage amount includes all shared and private files and folders for all administrators and power users on your account, files in the trash, and file versions. To avoid overage charges, take action and either upgrade your plan or reduce your account’s data stored in Egnyte.

In order to provide the customers with visibility into domain usage, Egnyte also sends a monthly usage report to all the active admins of the domain to keep them informed about the usage of their domain. The admins are requested to review this usage report and take the necessary actions particularly when the domain is near the usage limits. 

Note that this monthly usage report is sent via email notification to all the active admins within the domain (trial domains are excluded) only if one of the following conditions are met.

  • The domain has at least 100 active users OR
  • At least 40% of the total users subscribed within the domain are active. 

What Should I Do?

Upgrade Your Plan

Administrators can refer to the Plan Details page in the WebUI to find information about their account’s current usage and plan.  Egnyte Office and Business plans have a default online storage limit of 5TB and 10TB, respectively. Egnyte Enterprise plans are provisioned with different storage allocations as specified in customer contracts.

For more information on upgrading your Egnyte plan, refer to our plan page or contact your Egnyte account manager. Generally, customers are advised to either upgrade to a higher plan or directly purchase additional storage.

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Remove Files From Your Account

You can also avoid overage charges by bringing the total storage below the limit. Suggestions to reduce the amount of storage include clearing the trash on a more frequent basis, removing old versions of a file, and deleting outdated folders. Administrators can configure the Retention Policy in the WebUI to automate emptying the trash and limiting the number of file versions. For more information on deleting files, refer to this article on the Helpdesk.

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