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Comparison of Smart Cache and Storage Sync from SMB Support View


This document provides the comparison view of Smart Cache over Storage Sync from SMB support point of view.

Smart Cache vs Storage Sync: SMB Support

Do you need…?  Smart Cache Storage Sync
Global File Locking  
Intelligent Caching  
Business Continuity with Backup Use Cases*  
Uploads from Network Scanners, Drone Images, Lab Instruments over UNC path**
Revit Single-Site***
Civil 3D***

Other Advanced AEC Applications:




•Unreal Engine

* Egnyte plans to support backup use-case through "External Replication" to public clouds like S3. Contact Support for more details.

**  Storage Sync (SS) does not purge the uploaded files whereas Smart Cache automatically purges them after successful upload to the cloud.  

*** Storage Sync (SS) does not have global lock, whereas Smart Cache has global lock and intelligently downloads only required cross-reference files unlike SS, which downloads all files.

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