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Co-Edit Using the Microsoft Office Desktop


The ability to collaborate with co-workers is the main driver of innovation, creativity, and productivity in today’s business environment. With Egnyte’s Office Desktop Integration, you can easily collaborate with the co-authoring capabilities of Microsoft Office applications, that allow multiple users to work concurrently on the same document.

Starting a Co-editing Session

After a user has logged into their Office Apps and have integration enabled in the Apps & Integration page, here are multiple entry points in this integration to start a co-editing session. 

Egnyte WebUI

In the Egnyte Web UI, users are able to hover over a file and since the default setting in the App Center has been set to the Desktop the user is able to launch a co-editing session directly from the WebUI.


User can always right-click into the Context Menu to also launch a co-editing session.

Egnyte Desktop App

The minimum Desktop App that supports this integration is 3.14.3 for Desktop App for Windows, 3.14.8 for Desktop App for Mac, and 0.6 for Desktop App Core.

Double-click a file to launch the integration. Users will get an option to either lock the file and work on their own or use the new co-editing solution. Selecting the option always perform this action will store the selection in preferences.


Office Applications

To ensure the co-editing functions properly on your Microsoft Office desktop applications, you will need to enable the feature by following the steps below or in the provided video:

1.  Click on "Open" in any Microsoft Office application.

2.  Select "Add a Place".

3.  Choose "Egnyte".

4.  Authenticate to allow access to your Egnyte domain.


Watch this video for detailed steps covering both Windows & Mac:

Once logged in to the Office Apps, click on Open and the Egnyte location to traverse the Egnyte domain and choose which file to open

On Windows


On Mac


In the Co-Editing Session


Auto-Save is ON automatically on the left side, which means this document is in co-editing mode. If it is off, that means the User is working off-line and it will not be saved to the Egnyte cloud

On the right side of this screen, you will be able to see other users that joining the Co-auth Gallery in the Office Apps

All co-editing users make change and ensure that it SAVED on the top progress bar for changes to be saved back to Egnyte.

Watch the video below to learn how to to start a co-editing session:

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