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Migration App Scheduler



Any user of the Migration App.


Migration Operators can schedule a given migration job to run one time in the future or to run at regular intervals at specific times.

Be advised that Unattended Mode overrides the Scheduler. However, Unattended Mode will soon be sunsetting, as the Scheduler offers all the capabilities and more. If you are using Unattended Mode, we recommend you modify your migration jobs to begin using Scheduler as soon as possible.

Setting a Scheduled Job

Go to the Migration Job Details page. In the left column, click Advanced optionsClicking on Scheduler brings up a configuration page.


Click On to Enable Scheduler and then choose between scheduling the job to “run once in the future,” or to “run at regular intervals.”


If you select the first option “run once in the future,” a calendar picker is offered to select a date and time. The date and time selected must be in the future. Time slots are at :15 intervals, are presented in military time, and reflect the clock on the host where the agent is installed. If no time is selected, time will default to 00:00.


If you select the second option “run at regular intervals,” you will also be prompted to select the frequency. 

If you select Day, the job will run once per day at the scheduled time. If you select Week, the job will run once per week, and so on. There is currently no way to schedule jobs to run multiple times per day, week or month.


In either case – running one time in the future or running at intervals – additional queries will be revealed in the dialog, prompting you to make selections regarding Empty Folders, Sanitizing and Syncing Deletes.


Make your selections and click Save. Your configuration details will be confirmed at the top of the page in the blue box. In the example below, the scheduled job will run for two days at 2:00 PM, starting on the date specified.


In the right column, under Other Details, hovering over the clock icon next to Scheduler will reveal the next scheduled run.


When Scheduler has been enabled for a job, on the Migration Dashboard a clock icon will appear next to the status of the job. Hovering over the clock icon will display when the job is scheduled to run.


Maximum Recurrence

By default, schedule recurrence is set to 20. This allows you to schedule a migration job to run a maximum of 20 days, 20 weeks, or 20 months. However, you may request a settings change for your domain to increase the maximum. Different use cases may demand different parameters:

  • Change the maximum recurrence to 365 so that it can run daily for a year. 
  • Change it to 52 so that jobs can be scheduled to run weekly for a year.
  • Change it to 30 so that a job can run daily for a month.
  • Change it to Infinite so that it will run daily, weekly, or monthly indefinitely.

If you change the maximum recurrence for your domain, the drop-down on the Scheduler Page will offer 1 through 20 plus the new maximum. For example, the image below shows what the User Interface will display if your domain is set to allow Infinite recurrence of scheduled jobs.

Migration App_Scheduler_8.png

The corresponding confirmation message will read as follows:

Migration App_Scheduler_11.png

Email Notifications

You will receive email notifications for scheduled jobs under the following circumstances:

  • Confirmation of a scheduled job, whether it is scheduled to run once, for multiple recurrences, or indefinitely.
  • If a job is scheduled to run indefinitely, they will receive monthly emails to confirm that it is running. 
  • If a job is scheduled to run for longer than one month and over 20 recurrences, they will receive monthly confirmation emails plus one final notification prior to the last scheduled recurrence.
    • If you set a job to run daily for a total of 365 times, you will receive 1 initial confirmation email, then 11 monthly confirmation emails, and 1 final email notifying you that the scheduled job run is set to expire.
    • If you set it to run weekly for a total of 52 times, you will receive 1 initial confirmation email, then 11 monthly confirmation emails, and 1 final email notifying you that the scheduled job run is set to expire.
    • If you set it to run monthly for a total of 24 times, you will receive 1 initial confirmation email, then 23 monthly confirmation emails, and 1 final email notifying you that the scheduled job run is set to expire.


  • Note that you cannot schedule a job to run more than one time per day. You may run it once per day, once per week, or once per month, for up to 20 times by default. If you wish to run a job more than 20 times, see Maximum Recurrence. 
  • If a job has been scheduled but has not yet been executed, you may change the date and time to another point in the future.
  • If a scheduled job has run, you may always schedule a subsequent execution.
  • If your Agent was disconnected from the cloud when a job was scheduled to run, the command will not be triggered. A notification message will appear on the Scheduler Page to indicate that the job did not run as scheduled.

    Migration App_Scheduler_10.png

  • If both Scheduling and Unattended Mode are enabled, Unattended Mode will take precedence and the Scheduled job will not run.

Questions? Feature Requests? Other Feedback?

Scheduling is a complex proposition. We know there are numerous ways we could improve this feature and we’d like your help in identifying your priorities. If you would like to weigh in on what features are important to you, feel free to comment on our Product Portal

If you have other feature suggestions or requests, feel free to submit them here, and make sure you mention Migration App in the text.

For more complex requests that would benefit from providing screenshots or other attachments, you may submit them to support@egnyte.com. Be sure to include Migration App in the email title. Our Support team will push your comments to the Product team for consideration.

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