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Reviewing and Approving Workflows and Tasks in the iOS App


To-Do, Review, and Approval Tasks need to be created and assigned using the WebUI (as described in this article) and they can be reviewed, accepted, rejected, and completed also in the Egnyte Mobile Apps. 

As soon as a new task is created, the assignee receives an email with a notification and a link to the task. If the email is opened on a mobile device and the link is clicked, the assignee is redirected to the Egnyte Mobile App and the Workflow/Task screen. Within the mobile app, every new task is signaled by a red dot that appears next to the Workflows button on the bottom navigation bar.


On the Workflows screen, the user can see a list of tasks and workflows assigned to him.

The Workflows and Tasks list view can be filtered:

  • to show the tasks assigned to the user or created by the user
  • to show the tasks according to their Type (To-do, Review, Approval) and current status (e.g. In progress, Completed, Approved, Rejected, Canceled)


The users can see each workflow and task:

  • current status (e.g. In progress)
  • due date
  • list of assignees


Most importantly, users can perform the Workflows and Task actions assigned to them in the mobile apps. For example, they can:

  • review the document associated with the workflow or task (using the file preview mode),
  • accept or reject the workflows and tasks
  • complete them
  • add the reason for approval or rejection (where relevant) 
  • e-sign workflows and tasks with their credentials (if required)


To review and approve Workflows on your iOS mobile device, make sure you are using version 8.15 or higher.  Some Workflow capabilities described above may be specific to the Life Sciences GxP plan. To find out more about Workflows and Tasks and the Life Sciences GxP plan, go to this helpdesk article.

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