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Controlled Document Management Roles and Permissions


There are three types of roles available for the Controlled Document Management app:

  1. Administrator
  2. Category Manager
  3. Category Viewer

The Egnyte Domain Administrator has all the administrative rights for the Controlled Document Management App. A Power User with a role that contains the “Can manage Controlled Documents” capability is referred to as Controlled Documents Administrator.

To access audit reports, the Controlled Documents Administrator needs the “can run reports” capability enabled for their role.



Both the Egnyte Domain Administrator and Controlled Documents Administrator can create and manage categories. They can set the role-based permissions at the category level by adding user groups to Category Managers and Viewer roles. They can manage documents, assign training and create courses in all categories.


The Category Manager is the user belonging to a group added as a Category Manager role for the specific category. The Category Managers can access and manage the documents for the categories they are given access to by an Administrator. They can assign training and create courses from the categories they can manage. 

The Category Viewer is the user belonging to a group added as a Category Viewer role for the specific category. The Category Viewers can only view the documents and complete training assignments for the categories they are given access to by an administrator. 

The same user could be a Category Manager for one category and a Category Viewer for another. 

Both Power and Standard User types can be added to the groups for Category Manager and Category Viewer roles.

The table below shows the information regarding which section of the app and capability is available to each Controlled Documents Management app role.

Controlled Documents

User Roles →

Egnyte Domain Administrator

Controlled Documents Administrator*

Category Manager

Category Viewer

The section of the Controlled Documents App available to each user role


My Training Assignments ✔ 

Trainings I Manage

Course Management ✔  🗙

Document Categories

🗙 🗙
Settings ✔  🗙 🗙


🗙** 🗙 🗙
The features available to each user roles

Create & Manage Categories

🗙 🗙
Manage Documents ✔  🗙

View Documents

Assign Training ✔  🗙

Create Courses

Complete Training Assignments ✔ 

Run Audit Reports

🗙** 🗙 🗙

*Controlled Documents Administrator = A role created for a Power User with “Can manage Controlled Documents” capability enabled 

**Controlled Document Administrator can also run Audit Reports when “can run reports” capability is enabled along with a “Can manage Controlled Documents” capability

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