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It's easy to see all of the sensitive files within a folder from the Sensitive Content tab in Egnyte Secure & Govern. To view the file name, policies matched, and the risk level for each of the files found, select the folder location and click Show detected content from the details pane. 


You can also double-click on its row in the sensitive locations list.


From this dialog, you can either open the folder in a new browser tab (for Connect and SharePoint Online sources) by clicking Open folder or click Export to see the list of files as a CSV. An example of the CSV file is shown below.


For each file in the list, you can take any of the following actions from the drop-down at the right end of its row:

  • Open the sensitive file in a new browser tab (for Connect and SharePoint sources).
  • Reporting a false positive: If the file is not truly sensitive, you can provide this feedback to Egnyte Protect by reporting it as an incorrect match.
  • Dive deeper into each file using the Sensitive File Viewer to view the actual sensitive content matches by either clicking on the file’s row or from the drop-down.




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