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Configure Content Classification

Egnyte Protect can look for sensitive information in your files using content classification and help you identify folders containing such information. The results of content classification are reflected on the Sensitive Content tab in real time as they are found. You can easily comply with relevant regulatory standards using built-in classification policies or identify content specific to your organization with your own custom policies. To start finding sensitive content:

1) Go to the Content Classification tab in your Settings page and switch on the toggle to identify sensitive content. This toggle is switched off by default for privacy reasons.


2) Next, you must select any regional jurisdictions that you’re interested in complying with.


When you select a given jurisdiction, built-in compliance policies for regulatory standards applicable to the jurisdiction will be shown in the Regulatory Compliance Policies section.

3) Select compliance policies to surface content that is specifically governed by the corresponding regulatory standards. For example, selecting the PCI-DSS policy will find files containing any payment information such as credit and debit card numbers.


Please select only the policies that you need for regulatory compliance; enabling all the policies may generate too many results to be useful.

4) You may also create your own custom policy using any of the built-in patterns and keywords or even with your own custom keywords.

5) Egnyte Protect will immediately start scanning the files in your sources for sensitive information. Keep in mind that Content Classification will only analyze files in the paths that have been included for scanning in each source in the tenant.

6) Go to the Sensitive Content tab to see the sensitive files in your sources, grouped by the containing locations.

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