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Bluebeam Sessions Integration


The Bluebeam Sessions Integration from Egnyte Web UI enables you to:

  1. Search multiple PDF files stored in your Egnyte Server
  2. Create a Bluebeam Session (Name the Session)
  3. Invite multiple people (using email-ids) to collaborate and work on those files in the RevU app
  4. Upload files into your Bluebeam Sessions, and
  5. Get a link to directly open your Bluebeam RevU app installed in your machine (PC or Mac) and then open it with all the session details configured.


  • Create and Name a Bluebeam session from Egnyte Web UI
  • Upload multiple PDF files into Bluebeam Studio Sessions
  • Invite multiple people to Bluebeam studio Sessions with email-ids
  • Provide a Session-ID and a Link to Directly join the session either by using the Session-Id or clicking on the link and opening the defined session with all files uploaded, users are invited into your installed RevU app.
  • Ability to Reconfigure your Prime Login during the integration usage.
  • Check the other Bluebeam sessions that are using your selected files.


  • The Session created has a valid Bluebeam Prime Membership Account
  • The Egnyte for Bluebeam Session Integration is Added to the Bluebeam Studio Prime Account by the Bluebeam Account Admin


Bluebeam Admin to Enable the Integration for the Bluebeam Studio Prime Members through the Studio Prime Admin Account and Egnyte App Client ID: 7c3d6888-3417-4fb0-baef-41c2a7412c69.


1. Go to your Bluebeam Studio Prime Admin Login


2. Click on Integrations And Click "Add New" as below


3. Provide the Egnyte App Client ID : ClientID: 7c3d6888-3417-4fb0-baef-41c2a7412c69 and click on Lookup

4. Once it looks up Click Save to Configure this Egnyte Integration to work with your Studio Prime Account so that you (Bluebeam Admin) and your Studio Prime Active members can use the integration from Egnyte.


From Egnyte Web UI

To get started, add the integration by visiting Egnyte Builder, our app store, which is accessed by clicking the "Apps & Add-Ons" tab in the upper right-hand upper navigation section of your instance of Egnyte Connect. Simply find the Bluebeam integration by first clicking the right-hand tile labeled "Add-Ons and Integrations," find the Bluebeam integration and add as instructed. Once the integration is added, the Bluebeam Integration should be added to your Egnyte Web UI Context menu. Go to your PDF files of choice that you want to work on.


Using the Integration

1. Select files and click on the Context Menu "Send to Studio Session"



2. Provide a New Session Name, Invite People



3. See the Details of your Newly Created Session and Click on the Button to Invoke your RevU app to have your new session configured and opened in RevU.


Reconfiguration of Prime Account

The Bluebeam Session Integration can be re-configured if you want to use a different Prime account. In order to Reconfigure please follow the below steps:


1. Try using the integration as usual and go to the screen below

2. Click on the [Change] link

3. You will be presented with the below Bluebeam screen

4. Click on the Top Right of the Screen and Click Sign-Out as below

5. After you Sign-Out and provide your New Credentials and Allow Access, you will be taken back to your integration screen in Egnyte with the New Prime Account


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