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The Egnyte for OneNote Integration allows users to effectively integrate Egnyte's powerful file sync and sharing capabilities within Microsoft OneNote Online. This article covers how to use Egnyte for Microsoft OneNote Online. This integration currently is available in Microsoft OneNote online products.


With this Add-In you can do the following from Microsoft OneNote online

1. Put a link to a file that is stored in your Egnyte File system 


2. Put a link to an image file with a Preview Mode, for you to view the image in the OneNote page along with the link. You also have the option to disable the preview mode of the image file.

3. Control who can access the link while you share your OneNote online page with others to collaborate

4. Set File link expiry based on the number of days/weeks/months or number or clicks 

5. Notify the user when their file links are clicked

6. Add filename to the link

7. Search files in Egnyte from within OneNote to share the link for.


Installation and System Requirements

This capability is provided through the OneNote online Add-In. In order to add the Add-In, the user needs to click on the Insert tab and click on the Office Add-ins.

If you are an enterprise User this Add-In will be enabled at your Organization level by your Microsoft Office Admin. You just need to click on the My Organization and see the Egnyte for OneNote Add-in already added by your Admin.


If you are the Enterprise Admin, you need to make the Add-In available to all the Microsoft Enterprise users in your Organization. You can search the "Egnyte for OneNote" app in the Office Add-ins store and add it for your Organization.


Once the Add-In is added to your OneNote App, it will be available under your Insert tab. On clicking on the Insert tab you should see the Egnyte Logo that says "File from Egnyte Connect". 



Click on the tab "File from Egnyte Connect" and you will see that in your left-hand panel of your OneNote online as shown below.


Click on the Connect Egnyte account and it takes you to a new tab where you Authenticate and Authorize

Once the authorization is done the tab autocloses and you again land in your OneNote online tab with the Egnyte Connect File Picker available for you to share links to files from Egnyte in your OneNote pages



Now you can search, navigate to files for which you want to put the links into your OneNote online document.

For Browser Support the below Browsers are supported

 Chrome (latest)
 Firefox (latest)
 Internet Explorer 11
 Microsoft Edge
 Safari 10.0 (11602.



We have s separate Settings section in OneNote Add-in from which you can control various link properties, re-configure your Egnyte domain to be used with your OneNote, toggle the Image preview settings.

To navigate to the Settings section click on the settings icon as shown below.



The settings tab has various link options described earlier. Also, you can re-configure your domain by clicking log out and providing you new domain details again. You can also use the General Settings checkbox to Embed file preview for pictures.




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