Using Egnyte's Metadata API, Administrators can create sections for metadata to allow their users to add and edit metadata for files and folders within the Web UI. The metadata properties will be displayed in the sidebar and the folder details pane to make finding related folders and files even easier.

Use Cases

Contract Information

Annotate a contract with the date of the contract, who signed it, and the value of the deal.

Add Geographic Area of Project

Mark all files with the project's region to easily group all projects in the same area for planning purposes.

Image Details

Add descriptors to an image such as the creation date, location, and related project.

Administrator Setup with API

Administrators can create sections for metadata using the Metadata API.

Create and Edit Metadata in the Web UI

Once the metadata sections are created, users can start adding metadata properties to files in the Web UI. Simply open the Details pane of the desired file and add the desired properties. To edit a property, click on the current value and make your modifications.

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