When using Egnyte's Metadata API, Administrators can create sections for metadata to allow their users to add and edit metadata for files and folders within the Web UI. The metadata properties will be displayed in the sidebar and the folder details pane to make finding related folders and files even easier. 

An administrator can create three types of metadata sections (aka namespaces)


  • All properties in this section can be viewed and set via both the Web UI and the API.
  • Any users with the correct read/write permissions on the given file or folder can read/set the values.


  • The section and its associated properties are not visible in the Web UI.
  • All properties in this section can be only be set and viewed via the API.
  • Private sections are typically used by applications for integration purposes.


  • All properties in this section can be viewed, but can not be set via the Web UI.
  • All properties can be set and viewed via the API.

Use Cases

Contract Information - API

Annotate a contract with the date of the contract, who signed it, and the value of the deal.

Add Geographic Area of Project - API

Mark all files with the project's region to easily group all projects in the same area for planning purposes.

Image Details - API

Add descriptors to an image such as the creation date, location, and related project.

HR - Web UI

Adding Employee details - e.g. First Name, Last Name, Start Date, Department, Manager, Document Type (I-9, W-4, Background Check)

Life Sciences - Web UI

Adding details about site where clinical trials are conducted, details about the Pharmaceutical company who ordered the trial etc.

Construction - Web UI

Adding details about equipment, manufacturer, the site where the equipment is installed etc.

Administrator Setup with API

Administrators can create sections for metadata using the Metadata API.

Create and Edit Metadata in the Web UI

Use the information in this link to create and edit Metadata in the Web UI.


Will existing API Metadata customers continue to use their Metadata API the same way?

Yes, customers can continue to manage Metadata using the API and they can use the Web UI to create and/or edit new Metadata sections.

Can they migrate their existing metadata to the new UI? If so, how?

There is no need to migrate. The existing Metadata namespaces (sections) with a "public" scope will be editable in the new Metadata Web UI.

How will new Metadata users apply these fields to existing files and folders?

The process has not changed.  Refer to this article for more information.  

Is there a "Mass Update" option using API?

Yes, it is possible to use API to set Metadata values to file, file versions, and folders. 

Where can the end-user view metadata content?

Metadata can be directly viewed from the Egnyte WebUI and Android Mobile App.