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Content Lifecycle File Statistics for Remote Sources


In the Content Lifecycle view of Secure & Govern, you can see file statistics for all of the sources you’ve added including remote sources like Box and Gdrive. The information includes items like total size, number of files/versions and the age of files.


You may see values that look significantly larger than expected (based on the statistics directly from the external source). This is due to how Egnyte interacts with external sources. When Egnyte receives data from sources that are based strictly on user accounts (like Box and Gdrive), shared files are presented as unique files for each user they are shared with.  That means if a folder has 5 files and is shared between 10 users we would show 50 files in Egnyte.  The difference in the statistics reported between Egnyte and the remote source will depend on the scope of the file sharing in the source.

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