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    Hi Tung,

    If you see a regular dip in the FTP server, always check if the same slowness is experienced on the web portal too. If the services are as slow that they literally stop, please file a support ticket and a support agent will be glad to take a look at this. 



  • This has turned ugly.. FTP for equal leech ;]

  • Your FTP service suuuucccccckkkkks.  I have been trying to upload files ALL DAY long.  Something that should have taken an hour has me here at work f'n with this worthless FTP server.  You need to get this fixed.

  • Chris - Sorry to hear this, have you logged a ticket for this yet.  We would like to take a look at the errors you are encountering. thx

  • Hi,

    I keep trying to upload a large 1.3 GB compressed file and your ftp keeps shutting down with the error message :"Critical files transfer error". It kind of defeats the purpose of having a "cloud" server if you cannot upload data to it?  This is a continuing problem by many users in our company. From the comments above it looks like everyone is having the same issues? I agree you need to get this fixed.

    Weldon Beauchamp VP of Exploration-LNG Energy Ltd.

  • I also have had this problem with large files.  Man, I'm having problems with small files!!!  Critical transfer error.  Failed ([501] EPRT is disbled. Port is disabled.  After my client retries to connect and resume I get 451 Cannot connect. You have reached maximum allowed simultaneous connections 4 per user.

    I HAVE opened tickets but the response time is lousy.  I have been asked to try multiple clients only to have the same problem and even after I send logs there is no solution.

    When will this FTP feature be repaired?  Better be soon.  My renewal is coming up!


  • hells bells, I can't even figure out how to open a ticket with you guys.  I'm done.  Going elsewhere.

  • Hi Glenn, please let me know whether your FTP is now operating with the additional support documentation I sent.


    Hi Cindy, there are three ways to open a ticket.  From here in the Helpdesk, the easiest way is to scroll to the top of the page and click on "Submit a Request."

    The second way to is to click on Support -> Technical Support on  After performing a search, the system will also provide you a link to submit a ticket. 

    Finally you can email support directly at: 

    And please feel free to always share what you're experiencing here in the forums where I or another community member can respond to your request.



  • FWIW, we've found that in certain FTP clients you need to make sure to tweak the following:

    Encryption: Select Require explicit FTP over TLS

    Set the Transfer Type to "Binary."

    *max connections: *3

    *Turn FEAT and MLST OFF *( has MLST on by default and it causes massive problems)

    Some of the above listed in

  • I agree with the others. This service sucks and I will not be signing up after the free trial ends. Something as simple and trivial as FTP should not be so difficult and frustrating. Uploading was easy, but downloading was impossible. My use case is as follows:

    I have a customer in which the only way to transfer files between their corporate network and their DMZ is to use an external FTP service. The server in which I need to put the file is Windows and I cannot install GUI tools like Filezilla, rather being forced to use the Windows built-in FTP CLI client.

    I finally figured out how to login to your service from the CLI client, but once logged in could not proceed any further. I tried chaning to the directory I uploaded the file to using your web interface, but no matter what names I used (Shared, Shared/Documents, Private, etc. and all permutations possible) it always says no such directory. I tried doing an 'ls' command to see what paths or files might exist, but it says you must issue the PASV or PORT command first. This does nothing as it says these are unknown commands.

    Now, please note that I've been around the block more than once - 20+ years in IT wearing various hats. So, it's not like I'm some newbie who has the foggiest idea about how FTP works!

    Hopefully, you guys will take this feedback and improve your service for those that really depend on something like this.

  • Hi Scott,

    The error you're receiving generally arises from your firewall or router which is restricting connection to the external FTP server.  Information on resolving this issue can be found on the web, and I'm copying a link here you can reference:

    Let me know if this works.  If you need further assistance managing firewall settings, you can also contact

    Best, Chris

  • BETTER FTP IS NEEDED or I'm leaving as well.

  • Hey John

    Sorry you're having trouble with the FTP feature. I see that you have already submitted a support ticket, and hope that you get this resolved. 

    Thanks for your patience.


  • Can I use Putty Sftp (Psftp)?

  • We don't support SFTP.

  • I got the same issue with FTP services! Sometimes the server is down & very slow! Can't upload multiple files around 20-100M. Normally, it works well.

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