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We are a company who have grown accustom to sharing links directly to documents on mapped drives via email. We want to primarily use the map drive feature for document access to avoid excessive downloading/uploading of documents and relying on employees to remember to lock/unlock files. Right now when you create a link to a document in outlook it displays the path correctly ie z:/shared but the url assocated with the hyperlink is something like: \\DavWWWRoot\webdav\Shared which doesn't resolve properly. The only work around I've identified is removing the hyperlink and making users manually copy and paste the path into windows explorer. Which is obnoxious from the users perspective and already making some people feel like the services is a step down. Can you have the engineering team look into this?


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    Hi Max,

    Egnyte Map Drive reached its end of life on June 30, 2016. We recommend installing the Egnyte Drive to replace the map drive functionality. You may install the drive and test the hyper linking of the files. 

    I personally tried a couple of them and they seem to have worked fine on my end. 



  • Any update from this?  Would be great to be able to point to WebDAV subfolders.  Ideally we'd like to map drives directly to a certain shared subfolder rather than the root, but this doesn't seem to work for some reason...

  • Hi,

    Our product does allow you to map to a WebDAV subfolder. Please check out this short article and let me know if it doesn't work for you...


  • Trey - i don't believe you are answering the right question, i believe these users (and myself) are looking to be able to send users within their organization links to folders/documents within the mapped drive that the email recipient can click on and have it open the document/folder.  Not open a webpage where they need to login to egnyte and then use the document via the web interface.  The web is great for when not near your primary computer, but inefficient when all users in an organization are on their primary computers with the mapped drive.  is this possible?

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I don't think I understand your request. When you send a link to a file stored in Egnyte, the file downloads without requiring the user to log in. In fact, link recipients do not even need to be Egnyte users. Web access is required to access a linked file, but you have to be connected online to use the Map Drive product, as well.

    Please let me know if I've misunderstood,


  • I've got this.  Ok, there are two ways to share links with your product both secured (internal) and unsecured (public), both only give you the option to download the file. What we are talking about is a third way that would enable uses to share links between users who access files through the mapped drive so that they can open and modify documents without downloading and re-uploading. This function works with normal network drives.

  • Yep, that's the ticket John.  I think looking at other products, it's the ability to use server paths via email, IM, etc.

  • Yes, this would be very useful.  We too email links to files internally to point users to where a file is located.  I thought this was going to be a big issue as we use a Wiki for our knowledgebase, with links to local files stored on our server.  Now we are migrating to Egnyte we would have a big issue if we could no longer link to files in the same way.

    However we've found that links to the mapped drive do actually work, if they remain as a link to Z: and do not try to resolve to anything more clever.  That is, if in our Wiki we insert a hyperlink to a file on the Z: drive it works fine, opening up the file as expected.  The problem is when you insert a hyperlink to the same file in an email it resolves "Z:\shared..." to "file:///\\davwwwroot\webdav\shared...".  If it didn't resolve I imagine it would work fine.


  • OK thanks for the clarification gentlemen. I discussed this with the responsible engineer for this product yesterday and we think it's technically feasible. We'll discuss how we might implement it and where it would fit on our product road-map.

    Thanks for your business and for taking the time to make a product suggestion.


  • Has there been any further progress on this?  We are upgrading to office 2013 and it seems to work if it's a file you recently opened but will download it otherwise, very odd.

  • Hi John,

    Sorry but I do not have any updates on when this feature will be available. I will post updates here as they become available.

    Thanks for your patience,


  • count me in for this feature, we use a lot of excel spreadsheets with links to other spreadsheets at mapped network locations. it works when people are working on a NAS drive with OLC/enterprise sync but the remote users with PLC/desktop cloud (who has his drives mapped exactly as on the NAS) run into trouble.

  • Hello,

    I don't have any updates on when this feature will be available, but I will add you as a +1 for now.

    Thanks for the feedback and your patience.

    • Shyam
  • any update on this feature?

  • I've given up hope on this for mapped drive, how about bringing it to egnyte drive?

  • Are there any updates to this issue? Our organization has this challenge as well.



  • Hi Max,

    Egnyte Map Drive reached end of life on June 30, 2016. We recommend installing the Egnyte Drive instead. I personally tested hyperlink a couple of files on the Egnyte Drive and they seem to work fine. I would suggest you to try that once post installing the Egnyte Drive and see if that suits your requirement. 

    One thing to note here is that this feature works fine when performed locally i.e the Desktop Sync or NAS coz the files can be fetched quickly. You may find opening the files via hyperlink a bit slow as compared to the local hyperlinks. 



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