Often, your company must manage and share extremely sensitive information with partners for critical deals, but traditional file sharing services don’t provide the necessary security and controls.

Introducing Egnyte Document Room (beta), your place for sharing sensitive content.

Egnyte Document Room is commonly used for:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Private equity diligence and IPO preparation
  • Employee personal data
  • Core intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Litigation documents

What’s New 

  • Document Room Insights
  • Document Room Lifecycle Phases
  • Automated Document Room Closure

Document Room Insights

Document Room Insights provide statistics per user group about first and last user activity in the Document Room and on how many days users of a given user group were active.

Document Room Insights are exclusively visible to Document Room admins - i.e. Power Users having the administrative capability to manage Document Rooms and in addition have Owner Permission on the Document Room’s top level folder.


Administrative Capability to Manage Document Rooms 

Creation of Document Rooms is done by Power Users that were assigned the administrative capability to manage Document rooms as part of their user role. Admins assign this capability to the desired Power Users in Settings under Configuration Settings > User Types & Roles.



Creation of Document Rooms

Power Users having this administrative capability to manage document rooms can then mark an existing folder as a Document Room provided they have Owner permissions on the given folder.


Document Room Lifecycle Phases

In Document Rooms settings, additional details can be specified including lifecycle phases and a start and end date can be specified.  Also, the Document Room nature of a folder can be removed by clicking on ‘Don’t treat as Document Room anymore’.



Document Room Closure Procedure

Upon setting the Document Room Lifecycle Status to done, Document Room closure procedure will be started as for Projects. 

Content Archiving Policies are currently not available for Document Rooms.