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Secure & Govern - Ransomware Restore from Snapshot


Product: Secure & Govern  Release Date: Oct 6, 2022

Ransomware - Restore from Snapshots (Egnyte Sources Only)

Secure & Govern Issue Reviewers can now restore affected files, for probable ransomware detections, directly from Secure & Govern’s Issues View. When selecting the “Restore content” action within Secure & Govern, the user is sent directly to the “Snapshot Restore” view within Egnyte Collaborate. Secure & Govern will provide a “Recommended Snapshot” to restore based on when the issue is detected. The user can then proceed to restore any affected folders and files.

For more information, see Ransomware Recovery

Recommended Snapshot


Restore Content Remediation Action


Permission Browser - Add “Last Changed” Columns to By Users & Groups View

Secure & Govern Permission Reviewers can now see the “Last Changed By” and “Last Changed At” in the “Users & Groups” tab within the Permissions View. This will help reviewers understand who is granted users access and when.

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