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New Customizable Navigation Bar in the Android App


Egnyte Android App v. 8.33 | Release Date: October 05, 2022

Choose which features you want to have quick access to from the navigation bar

As the Egnyte App continues to grow and new benefits are added for our users, they can now decide which features they want to have quick access to straight from the main navigation bar and which will be available after clicking on the ‘More’ menu item. The new navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen can now be customized to suit a particular user’s needs. To configure the buttons, tap on ‘More’ and choose the ‘Customize menu’ option.



On the next screen, you can drag and drop the menu items and move them to the Navigation bar or the More menu section. Notice that the navigation bar will immediately reflect the changes you make. 



To save the settings just leave the ‘Customize menu’ screen. 


Updated search filters

Search is an important and popular benefit among Egnyte mobile app users. The new design makes it easier to access and set up popular search filters such as the type of resource being searched, the time span we are interested in, or who the update was done by. Each of the three filters can be selected and set separately.



How to upgrade (If applicable)

Download the latest version of the Egnyte Android App, v. 8.33 from the Google Play Store.










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