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Migration Patch 1.15.1


Migration App v 1.15.1  Release Date: Sep 30, 2022

Fix to Premature Agent Retirement

With the most release on 29/Sept/22, an error in our logic resulted in some Migration App Agents being autoretired prematurely and without any notice. This means they were disconnected from the cloud and uninstalled from the host machine. This error has subsequently been fixed with this patch.

For impacted customers, the Agent is still visible on your Migration Dashboard but is flagged as Disconnected.


Power Users Unable to Reach Migration Dashboard

Some Power Users who were previously running Migration jobs found they could not get past the Migration Landing Page to access the Migration Dashboard. This has been resolved with this patch. 

Any user who has previously accessed the Migration App should now be able to view the blue On-Prem Migration button on the Migration Landing Page. This takes you directly to the Migration Dashboard.



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