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Egnyte iOS App Support for Viewer Only Permissions


Egnyte iOS Mobile App v. 8.12.2 | Release Date: September 26, 2022

Support for Viewer Only Permissions

Viewer Only Permission is a new level of permissions, which will enable the user to preview files in a folder but not to download them.

Egnyte mobile apps will support Viewer Only Permissions when the feature is rolled out to customers in two ways:

  1. Users who have Viewer Only Permission to a folder will be able to navigate to it but (due to the nature of the permission), they will not see the files in it in the mobile app. To see the list of files and to preview the files sitting in a folder they have Viewer Only Permission to, users will need to use the Egnyte web interface.
  2. When the Viewer Only Permission level is turned on for a given domain (subject to roll-out plans), users who have the right level of permissions, will be able to set and remove the new type of permission (Viewer Only) to shared folders in the iOS mobile app. Specifically, they will be able to:
    • add users and groups of users and set the Viewer Only Permission to them


    • change the permission level for existing users from the current value to Viewer Only


Due to the nature of the Viewer Only permission, the folder actions menu (available when a folder is selected from the list) is limited to just one option showing information about folder details.



Go to Apple AppStore to download the latest version of the Egnyte iOS Mobile App (v 8.12.2) or upgrade to the latest version on all your devices if you already have it.

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