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Introducing New Migration App Features - The Migration Landing Page and More Advanced Options


Migration App v3.13 / v1.15  Release Date: September 29, 2022

The Migration Landing Page

Migration has been added to the dropdown for all domains. This menu item takes you to the new Migration Landing Page.


The Migration Landing Page is designed to help you understand the considerations that go into selecting a migration tool and simplify access to the right tool for your particular migration project. As we make more self-service migration capabilities available to customers, you will be able to access them here.  Depending on your Egnyte User Type (Admin, Power User or Standard User), this page will display differently.

This view is for Power Users and Standard Users. These users will be able to read about Migration, click through to knowledge base articles, make a Professional Services inquiry, and submit a feature request.


This view is what most Admins will see before they have been granted access to Migration App. They have some additional functionality, including submitting a request to join a Beta Program or our Migration Customer Advisory Board (CAB). They will also see a button to Request Enablement for My Domain at the bottom of the first column for On-Prem.


For all users whose domains have been already granted access to Migration App for On-Prem to Egnyte Migration Projects, you will see a couple of blue buttons for On-Prem Migration on the Landing Page: one in the upper right corner and one below the On-Prem column. Either button will take you directly to the Migration Dashboard.


For existing Migration App users who were accustomed to going straight to the Migration Dashboard from the drop-down menu, the Landing Page does introduce one extra step. But the tradeoff is in being able to offer a more comprehensive migration journey that takes into account all the options available.

Advanced Options on the Migration Details Page

With this release we are enabling several more features that can be controlled from the Migration Details Page.

In the left column of the Migration Details Page, clicking on the arrow next to Advanced Options opens a drop-down menu.


Preferences for how the migration job handles Sanitize, Empty Folders and Skip-Scan Period can be set here so that you won’t be queried to make a selection every time you initiate a command. In short, you can set these features to Always, Never or remain Ad-Hoc (prompting you to choose each time.)


No changes were made to Confluence and Unattended Mode.


New controls include:

  • Excluded File Types: Allows user to specify file extensions to be excluded from this migration job.
  • Symbolic Links: Provides the ability to control whether content will be migrated from Symbolic Links on the source.

On the right column of the Migration Details Page, under Other Details, every preference in Advanced Options is indicated.


Advanced Option settings can be changed as desired, but cannot be altered while a command is running for the migration job.

For more information, see Advanced Options for Migration Jobs

Downloadable Migration Job List

In the Migration Dashboard, a given Migration Operator may have dozens of migration jobs listed. But each user only can view the jobs they have personally created. So you may not be aware of activities being performed by other Admins for your domain. To solve that, we’ve created a downloadable Migration List that provides a global view of migration activities.

On the Migration Dashboard in the upper right quadrant, you will see several links. To the left of the Add New Source button is a link to Download Migration List.


The Migration List lets you view all migration jobs for all Agents created by any Migration Operator on your domain. It provides the following details for each job:

  • Source (Agent) Name
  • Hostname (optional)
  • Agent ID Number
  • Agent Version
  • Migration Job Name
  • Source Path
  • Destination Path
  • Migration ID Number
  • Date Created
  • Last Command Run
  • Date of Last Command
  • Status of the Last Command
  • Link to the Migration Report
  • Migration Operator


Issues Addressed

  • Inconsistent State

    While stopping a user-initiated Scan (a Scan that was not part of a metacommand), the state of migration detail section provided inconsistent messaging. This is resolved.
  • Unattended Mode Not Working Properly

    Unattended mode was not repeating at the expected interval. This has been fixed.
  • Migration Job Stuck in "Creating Migration Job" State

    Some customers experienced a problem with a new job being stuck on "Creating migration job" and were unable to quit and restart the job. We provided a workaround for these customers, but this Release fixes the underlying issue.
  • Previously On-the-Fly Rename Limitations Fixed with this Release

    • When files had the special characters ‘/u2409’ and ‘/u240b’, Migration App previously created duplicate versions on true-ups.
    • The files with unicode characters would be deleted and uploaded again on True-Up.
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