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Secure & Govern - Classification Policy as Legal Hold Criteria


Product: Secure & Govern  Release Date: Sept 22, 2022

Classification Policy as Legal Hold Criteria

Customers are frequently involved in legal matters that require them to retain documents related to the matter at hand. Failure to do so can have serious financial consequences and potentially criminal consequences. Expanding the functionality of legal holds to support the identification of relevant documents using the classification engine significantly enhances our offering by providing new flexibility to our customers.


Document Labeling

With the introduction of Document Labeling, users will be able to configure a labeling capability using the Content Classification system. These labels will be written as metadata to the matched files and that metadata can be used by other functions within the Egnyte system, such as search in the Collaborate Web Interface.


Download SAR Results

Users can now download the results of a Subject Access Request to a ZIP file


Issue Export Report - Provide Additional Issue Details (Egnyte Sources Only)

Customers can view more detailed issue information in the Issues Export Report. The new information provided will vary by issue type. The improved Issues Export Report will provide an easier way to view and assess all issue types without having to review each issue individually.

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