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Secure & Govern Issue Remediation Improvements and Expanded Content Lifecycle Capabilities - September 8, 2022


Egnyte Secure & Govern v. 16.9 Release Date:  September 8, 2022

Issues  - Change "Ignore" to "Dismiss/Closed"

Egnyte is committed to providing a robust issue remediation process within Secure & Govern. We have a multi-phased initiative planned to revamp and improve our existing issue remediation workflow. The changes will include frontend UI updates as well as backend workflow changes for improved issue remediation and processing.

For this release, we are renaming the current “Ignore” button to “Dismiss” or “Close” depending on the issue type as well as moving all actions, found under “Ignore”, under the “Fix” button.

State-based Issues:


Event-based Issues:


For more information regarding the newly released and planned improvements including estimated timelines, please review Issue Remediation Improvements

Archival and Deletion for SharePoint Online and OneDrive 

Now you can create archival and deletion policies and launch on-demand archival and deletion jobs for MS SharePoint and OneDrive sources that are linked to your Egnyte Secure & Govern instance. An improved Content Lifecycle policy wizard is included with this feature. See Content Lifecycle Policies for more information.


Proactive whitelisting of email sources

Provide the ability to whitelist an email source so that it is not included as part of content classification.


Issue API improvement - Add Probable Ransomware Detection Information

Make Ransomware detection information available in S&G API. This information will also be included in SIEM integration feeds.

New Data Fields:

  • Confidence score
  • Ransomware type
  • Detection Reason(s)
  • Top 5 affected folders
  • First 10 detected/affected files
  • Provide Total # of affected folders
  • Provide Total # of affected files


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