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Choose Which Browser the Egnyte App Will Connect to for iOS


Egnyte iOS Mobile App v. 8.12.1 Release Date: September 05, 2022

Use Mobile Device Management Tools to Set Which Browser the Egnyte App Will Connect To

Administrators who use Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools such as Microsoft Intune to install the Egnyte application for multiple users are now able to configure which browser the app will make calls to for SSO prompts, choosing between Safari and the system default browser (if it is a different one). The configuration can be set in the MDM admin panel.


Issues Addressed

New View for Upload of Photo Files from the iOS Photo App

When the upload is initiated by the user, the new view is displayed to ensure upload continuation and to enable users to observe upload progress.


Upload of Large Files from the iOS Photo App

Large files (over 500 MB) can be smoothly imported from the iOS Photos app.

Smart Upload* of a Large Number of Files

This fix solves the issue related to Smart Upload for a very large number of files (e.g. 200 or more) or a single very large file (e.g. 100 MB), that occasionally generated an error message.

*Smart Upload is a an Egnyte Mobile App feature available on selected pricing plans

Downloads (If Applicable)

Go to Apple AppStore to download the latest version of the Egnyte iOS Mobile App (v 8.12.1) or upgrade to the latest version on all your devices if you already have the Egnyte App.

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