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Additional Mobile App Entry Points for the Workflows Feature (Android)


Egnyte Android App v. 8.32 | Release Date: July 28, 2022

Support For Additional Entry Points for the Workflows Feature

Email Entry Point

Users, that are assigned to tasks through the Workflows feature, can go straight into them from the link they receive in the notification email (Workflows as a feature in the Android app is available for all domains excluding GxP - pending the app validation scheduled to be completed in September 2022).


File Preview Entry Point

Users to whom tasks are assigned through the Workflows feature, can now navigate to a specific Task/Workflow, open it, then preview the file and get to the Task/Workflow screen by tapping on the Workflows icon on the navigation bar.

Issues Addressed

  • Added a checkmark showing the completed tasks of multi-step Workflows
  • Fixed an issue with canceled Workflows (the app now shows the right status to the Assignee if a Workflow was canceled)
  • Added icons in the Workflows filter fields to improve the usability and user experience

How to Upgrade

Download the latest version of the Egnyte Android App, v. 8.32 from the Google Play Store. 

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